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I am looking for a new opportunity. We are looking for a new lawyer.

The search for good legal talent is too costly and important to leave open to chance. LKD facilitates successful legal placements through a personalized, custom approach. We match firm or corporation and candidate by need, assets, and personality, ensuring your next hire is a good fit with your culture and long term goals.

First, we work with our client organizations to clearly understand their placement requirements and corporate culture. We make sure we know exactly what type of candidate would work well in your firm given the skill set needed, expectations, and professional and personal environment. We concentrate on not just knowing about the position available, but what type of person would best fill that position.

Similarly, our candidate methodology covers a thorough appraisal. We know what inherent and learned assets they bring, what compensation they’ll require, and whether or not they’d fit into your culture. We know what they expect in long term goals, and if that meshes with what your firm offers. With LKD’s extensive legal and recruiting background, our specialty is finding the right candidate—not just a highly qualified candidate, but one who promises long term success for all involved.

With these processes as our background, we then present you with candidates who are not only qualified for the open position, but who are also highly likely to offer your firm long term success. No poring over hundreds of resumes. No interviews that never should have taken up your valuable time. Just right-fit candidates at the right time.

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