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I am looking for a new opportunity. We are looking for a new lawyer.

LKD Legal Search specializes in the personal approach. We don’t just find an available job, we find a position in which you’ll thrive and prosper.

At LKD, we treat each candidate as the individual you are. This means factoring in career goals, desired short and long term professional milestones, incoming assets and compensation requirements, and personality and desired corporate culture. At LKD, our success is your success in finding a permanent, long term position in a compatible work environment.

Our methodology includes a thorough understanding of each candidate’s personality and the culture in which you’d thrive. We help determine your marketable skill sets, optimal professional role both in the short and long range, and equitable compensation requirements. We assist candidates with a thorough resume review. We mentor you in an extensive interview question and preparation process. We work with you to make your next permanent placement the environment in which you thrive and are able to reach long term goals and find lasting success.



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